Credit Card Authorization Form

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I authorize the Hotel Aranjuez S.A. to charge my credit card (debit card not accepted): VISA-MASTERCARD

Good thru _____________________________________________ the amount of U.S.$______________________00/100

(Taxes of 13 % are included). Please write only the amount of the first night lodging according to your room selection at the Hotel or Apartamentos Aranjuez.

For a reservation starting the date __________________________________ month ______________________________
year_______________________ hour __________________. Please do not forget to write the arrival time.
The departure day will be_____________________________month _____________________________year__________

The reservation is for_____________adults and_________________kids under 8 years old sharing room with their parents and we are requesting for _____________________ double beds and______________________single beds.

MY RESERVATION IS FOR: One room______ 2 rooms _______ More ________________________________

Shared bath:
1 (person) pax_________ 2 pax in a double bed __________ 2 pax in 2 twin beds _______

Standard w/ private bath: 1 pax in double ____ 2 pax in double bed ____ 3 pax in one double & 1 twin ____

Superior with private bath: 1 pax in a double bed_____2 pax in a double bed_____2 pax in 2 twins_____ 3 pax in 3 twins_____ 3 pax in one double & 1 twin_____

Superior Plus with private bath: 1 pax in a double bed_____2 pax in a double bed_____2 pax in 2 twins_____3 pax in 3 twins____ 3 pax in one double & 1 twin____ 4 pax in one double & 2 twins____

Deluxe room:1 pax in a King bed_____2 pax in a King bed_____

Studio/Apartment: Please write your request:_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

All the rooms are non smoking. A smoking alarm will be turning on in case you smoke in a non smoking room. Smoking areas are available.

Need parking lot: yes no

Cardholder's name:
Customer's name (name of the person who made the reservation and the contact with the Hotel):
Address and country: ______________________________________________________________________________
E-mail. Please write very clearly. _____________________________________________________________________

Review reservations and cancellation policies of Hotel Aranjuez (please check those under the item Cancellation Policies in our website, I agree that this document serves as my personal guarantee for the payment and in case of NO SHOW, the amount referred to above will be charged for the first night. I AGREE THAT NO CANCELLATION WILL BE VALID WITHOUT A CANCELLATION NUMBER PROVIDED BY FAX OR INTERNET BY THE RESERVATION DEPARTAMENT OF HOTEL ARANJUEZ AND THAT IN CASE OF ANY CLAIM I MUST PRESENT THIS NUMBER. THE CANCELLATION MUST BE DONE BY THE CARDHOLDER.

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO SEND US A MESSAGE CONFIRMING THE RECEPTION OF THE CONFIRMATION. THE RESERVATION WILL BE COMPLETED UNTIL THEN. If you have any question concerning your reservation, please dial the SKYPE number (502)410 2129.

Cardholder’s Signature _____________________________________________________________________________