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Useful Information

We invite you to check this section. Here, you will find answer to most of your doubts.

How to get from the International Airport Juan Santamaría to Hotel and Apartamentos Aranjuez?

Shuttle from the Airport

If you need a private shuttle from the International Airport Juan Santamaría, please write to the following internet address:

The shuttle service is provided by Interbus, a much known company that provides services door to door all around Costa Rica. The transfer’s fare from the Airport Juan Santamaría to Hotel Aranjuez is US$12 per person.

The International Airport Juan Santamaría is located in the province of Alajuela, 22 kms away from San José, the capital of Costa Rica. From the Airport to Hotel Aranjuez, the trip takes around 30 minutes with slow traffic and even 50 minutes if traffic is very high.

By taxi

Please take always a taxi from the company Taxis Unidos in your way from the International Airport Juan Santamaría to Hotel or Apartamentos Aranjuez. You will find the Taxis Unidos Office at the Immigration’s exit. Those taxis are orange color. For a maximum of 4 people with small luggage you will pay US$29 and for up to 6 people US$36.

Please do not pay attention to taxi drivers who are trying to get you into another Hotel. If you have this kind of problems with a taxi driver of the Company Taxis Unidos, please inform the Receptionist once you get to Hotel Aranjuez.

Be aware of taking formal taxis –red colour with a company name written down and a number- during your travelling around the country. If is possible, write the company reference and the taxi number. This information will be very useful in case you leave something in the taxi.

By public bus

If you decide to take a taxi from the International Airport, just go the bus stop located in front of the building. This bus of Alajuela will take you to the Bus Station of San Jose. From there, we only recommend to take a taxi to Hotel Aranjuez for the cost of US$7.

Why write only the amount of the rate of the first night lodging at Hotel or Apartamentos Aranjuez on the CCF?

On the CCF, you have to write only the amount of money for the first night, not for the whole stay, for example, for a superior room for two people, you must write US$47 or for a Standard room for two people US$45 (please check the rate in our website in order to write the correct amount). In case the person in charge of the reservation’s guarantee is not the same person who established the contact with our Reservation Department, please do not forget to write both names.

You only write the amount of the first night for your security. In this case, you always be sure that we will never discharge from your credit card more than that amount. For example, if you have a reservation for more than one day, and you do not show up the first night, we will cancel the rest of the reservation, at list you send a note asking as not to do so and charge you only the amount corresponding to the first night lodging.

How to reserve a parking space at Hotel and Apartamentos Aranjuez?

If you need a parking space, please write a note in the CCF.

How far is The Hotel and Apartamentos Aranjuez from downtown?

Hotel Aranjuez is located in Street 19, between Avenue 12 & 13.

Apartamentos Aranjuez is located between Street 19 and Avenue 13.

Hotel Aranjuez and Apartamentos Aranjuez are located in Barrio Aranjuez, downtown San José. Nearby you will find the Museum Calderón Guardia (4 blocks ahead), the National Library (7 blocks), Formas y Sonidos Museum, (8 blocks), National Park (7 blocks), Jade Museum (8 blocks), Contemporary Art Museum (8 blocks). Also, you will find an ATM machine 3 blocks away and a Bank 4 blocks away. Many small restaurants (sodas), drugs stores, gas station, bars, internet café, mini market, A.M.-P.M Store (3 blocks) are also nearby.

By taxi, due to traffic, the drive is 7 minutes to-or from downtown (Plaza de la Cultura, National Theater and Gold Museum).

Please check in the map included in our website the exact location of Hotel Aranjuez and Apartamentos Aranjuez.

Sites of interest around Hotel Aranjuez

Just a few blocks away from Hotel and Apartamentos Aranjuez you will find the following sites of interest:

Museum Calderón Guardia (4 blocks ahead). Avenue 9, between St. 25 & 29.
National Library (5 blocks). Avenue 3, between St. 15 & 19.
National Park (5 blocks). Avenues 1 & 3, between St.15 & 19.
Atlantic Railway Station (6 blocks). Between Streets 17 & 23, Avenue 3.
National Congress (6 blocks). Streets 15 & 17, Avenues 1 & Central.
Elections Tribunal (6 blocks). Street 15, Avenues 1 & 3.
National Museum (7 blocks). Between St. 15 & 17, Av. Central & Segunda
Democracy Plaza (8 blocks). A crafts market is located here. Av. Central y Segunda.
Minister of Foreign Affairs (8 blocks). Streets 11 & 13, Avenue 7.
España Park (7 blocks). Streets 19 & 13, Avenue 7.
Jade Museum (7 blocks). Streets 9 & 11, Avenue 7.
Contemporary Art Museum (8 blocks). Street 13, between Avenues 3 & 7.
Metallic School Buenaventura Corrales (8 blocks). Street 9, Avenues 7 & 9.
National Theater (12 blocks). Between Avenues Central y Segunda
Gold Museum (12 blocks). Street 5, between Avenues Central y Segunda.
Plaza de La Cultura (12 blocks). Between Avenues Central y Segunda.
A few blocks from the Hotel and Apartamentos Aranjuez you will find a ATM machine and a A.M.-P.M. Store (4 blocks). The Bank is only 5 blocks ahead. Just one block away you will find many “Sodas” and Restaurants, Internet Café’s. The Restaurant Café Mundo is only 5 blocks ahead.

By taxi, due to traffic, the driving is 6 minutes to-or from downtown (Plaza de la Cultura, National Theater and Gold Museum).

Please check in the map included in our website the exactly location of Hotel Aranjuez and Apartamentos Aranjuez.

Is the Hotel Aranjuez open 24 hours a day?

The Hotel Aranjuez is open 24 hours a day. During the night we keep the door close. Please wait a little if at your late arrival, the Receptionist is not at the desk.

At Apartamentos Aranjuez is a guard from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. every day. In any case, you must arrive at Hotel Aranjuez in order to check in and make the cash payment (US$dollars, colones or euros). Not credit card payments are accepted at Apartamentos Aranjuez.

In witch guided books can I find reference about Hotel Aranjuez?

You can find a reference about Hotel Aranjuez in the following guided books:

Lonely Planet, Ulysses, Fodor’s and Footprint Costa Rica.

You can check reference at

Witch rates and services offer the Hotel Aranjuez?

You can check all our rates in our website under the Item “Rates and services”.

If you need additional information, please write to

Why we do not recommend making a money transfer?

We do not recommend a money transfer due to the cost of this kind of services. Usually you pay more for this service than for the room.

Can I pay with traveler’s checks at the Hotel Aranjuez?

We do not receive traveler’s checks at Hotel Aranjuez neither at Apartamentos Aranjuez. You can always change those at Banco de Costa Rica, located 4 blocks ahead. You always will be receiving a lower exchange rate for the traveler’s. Besides, you will be charged with a commission.

If you are taking traveler’s checks, please make sure that those are from a USA Bank. You will find many problems looking for a Bank that changes traveler’s checks from other countries.

We do not recommend to take another kind of money besides US$ or Euros.

Witch ones are the check in and check out hours?

The check in is at 2 p.m. and check out at midday. In any case, we will do our best to give you a room if you check in before that time. Also, I you need a little time extra in your room, please ask at the Reception Desk.

Are visitors allowed at Hotel Aranjuez?

Hotel Aranjuez is a familiar hotel. Many families with their children stay with us every day. For that reason, not registered visitors are allowed in the rooms at anytime. You can always receive your visitors in the common areas.
Please remember to speak in loud voice after 10 p.m. in the social areas and to loud down the volume of your television after that time.

Can I smoke in the rooms of Hotel Aranjuez?

Hotel Aranjuez it’s located in old wooden houses. For you own security, all the rooms of Hotel Aranjuez are not smoking. An alarm will be turning on in case smoking is detected in the rooms.

You can always smoke around the social areas and the garndens. At the Restaurant, you can smoke in the tables located around the garden but not in any of the cover areas.

Where can I change money?

We recommend you to change your money only at the Banks. A few blocks from the Hotel and Apartamentos Aranjuez you will find:

Banco de Costa Rica (4 blocks). Av.11 & St.25. Open from 9 am to 4 p.m.
Banco Nacional (6 blocks). Located inside of Centro Comercial de Guadalupe Open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
ATM Machine (3 cuadras). Located inside the Shell Station. Av. 11 & St. 23 Open 24 hours at day.

What kind of electricity is used in Costa Rica?
You won’t have any problem using electricity articles of 110 or 115 volts.

Witch recommendations do I have to follow in order to enjoy a secure vacation in Costa Rica?

As in any country in the world, some disappointing things can happen. It is easy to relax on your vacation, so please be aware and follow the next recommendations.

-Make a photocopy of your passport and leave the original in your room in safe box. You do not need to carry your passport unless you are changing traveler’s checks. Near the Hotel, you will find some photo

-If possible, take just one credit card with you and leave the other in the safe. Also, do not carry all your money and jewelry with you.

-Never leave your luggage or your belongings unattended in any place. At bus station and in the public buses, take special care of this.

-When traveling, never stop to help people on the side of the road or apparent “tripping” victims.

-If you are driving, be aware of people trying to help you in case of flat tire. If you rent a car make sure you do not leave luggage or jackets or anything “appealing” inside – that will make it a sure target for a break-in. Please remember to make copies of your passport and airline tickets and store them in a safe place.

-At night, returning from a long distance point to the Hotel, would be safer if you take a taxi. In this last case, always ask the taxi driver to put the meter on (PONGA LA MARIA).

-Please do not walk through dark and empty streets.


For what kind of tourist services do we offer discount rates?

We offer tourist information, daily tours and special packages for two people, transfers door to door all around Costa Rica or car rental services with great discount. Please check our website under the item Tour Desk and click in each option. At the end of this message you will find a list of some of the tours that we can book for you at wholesale prices. You can always make pre-booking tours through us.

Don't hesitate if you require any further information and call or just write back.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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