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Cancellation Policies

1.1 Any cancellation of a reservation must be done at least 48 hours before the arrival date by fax or e-mail.

1.2 The Hotel Aranjuez commits to send a cancellation confirmation by e-mail, with the cancellation number. If you do not receive the cancellation number in the next 8 hours, please contact the Reservation Department. No cancellation will be valid without a cancellation number provided by the Reservation Department of Hotel Aranjuez.

1.3 Any reservation that has not been cancelled properly, according to points #1 and 2, will be charged fully to the credit card due to a “no show”.

1.4 If the client does not check-in before the check-out time the next day of the night specified in the credit card authorization form, and there is no cancellation done accordingly to point #2, the credit card holder will be charged the amount of the first night’s reservation.

1.5 For any claims on charges in case of "no cancellation", the client must show the cancellation confirmation sent by Hotel Aranjuez with the cancellation number. Even if you need to cancel a reservation once you are at the Hotel Aranjuez, you must contact the Reservations Department in order to get the cancellation number.

1.6 Any cancellation made by fax, internet o in person at Hotel Aranjuez will be valid only if you show the cancellation number provided by the Reservations Department of Hotel Aranjuez.

1.7 The Hotel Aranjuez will only charge the credit card holder the amount specified in the credit card authorization form in case of "no cancellation or no show", according to points #1 to #5 of the cancellation policies.

1.8 The cancellation must be done by the cardholder.


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